Rampur Khera Sahib

Gurdwara Rampur Khera Sahib (Meditation place of Saint Baba Harnam Singh Jp When travelling along the main highway from Hoshiarpur to the town of Dasuya, about 28 kilometers from Hoshiarpur and 2 kilometers before the town Garhdiwala, at village Gondpur, a large gateway spanning the highway signifies to turn left onto Sant Baba Hamam Singh marg. Gurdwara Rampur Khera is one kilometer west along this road from the main highway. As one nears the Gurdwara. you behold the towering white dome of the Gurdwara, seemingly touching the sky. Beside the Gurdwara. the orange Khalsa flag waves gently. All around, numerous, initiated (Amritdhari) Sikhs. can be seen going about their daily chores. The sound of blissful prayers emanating from peaceful surroundings of the Gurdwara, the scent of Guru's teachings, all give the travelers a vision of the prosperity of God's name.

The bounty of the deep meditation undertaken by the great soul -Sant Baba Burnam Singh Ji at this place is such that in this calm, unpolluted environment. one's mind is effortlessly drenched in loving remembrance of God almighty. Today, this storehouse for distributing spiritual bliss, prior to 1949 was a terrifying, forbidden and abandoned mound of ruins of an ancient township. Local people would not pass by this place even during the day, regarding it as being haunted by spirits and called it the harsh, morbid hill. In those days. the hill was coveted with dense jungle of large, old banyan and pccpal trees. The trees were populated with nests of vultures, crows, bats, owls and eagles. In the deep undergrowth below the trees, amongst the thick layers of fallen leaves, countless poisonous scorpions, spiders, beetles, millipedes and snakes would crawl in the rotting vegetation, fret from the footsteps of humans. Accepting the order of the true Guru, Sant Baba liamam Singh Ii set foot on this scary mound in 1949 and by meditating on the

almighty creator, fulfilled the true words of the Satguru that "wherever one mediates on God los ingl,. that place becomes akin to lofty gold mansions". Through his deep meditation in God (Wahegum Ji), he transformed this scary place that was bereft of human contact, into the "town of the all pervasive lord" (Rampur). In next to no time, this forbidden place was transmuted into the treasure house of spiritual bliss. Soon after, with the enthronement of Guru Granth Sahib Ji at this place, the once ruined mound became popularly known as Gurdwara Rampur Khera Sahib. One can read the autobiography of Sant Baba liamam Singh Ji - -Se Kinehiya", to find out a detailed account of the saintly life of this blessed soul. Today under the auspices, management and efforts of Sam Baba Sewa Singh Ji, who is the spiritual successor of Baba ji, numerous religious, social and community based projects, in service of humanity are undertaken from this place with Guru Sahib Ji's blessings and with the help of the congregation.