With the comfort of the congregation in mind, over 400 rooms with en suite bathrooms, hot/cold water, bedding and linen is provided free by the Gurdwara. Further rooms are under construction with the blessing of the true Guru.

A 120×120 foot hall in which up to 2500 devotees can sit and have langar (free food) at any time of the day has been constructed recently. To prepare the langar for such as large number of people with minimum effort, a large hall and kitchen, complete with fitted gas burners and automated chapatti machine has been added recently. At the Gurdwara Sahib, devotees, visitors and residents can have langar at any time, day or night

Rest House and Free Langar: Sri Anandpur Sahib

On the festive occasions of Hola Mohalla and Vaisakhi, for the benefit of the pilgrims who go to Takhat Keshgarh sahib a special langar is prepared and served to the congregation. A free rest house with 30 rooms and a langar hall have been built by the Gurdwara Sahib at Sri Anandpur Sahib.