In order to fulfill the words of the Guru “gobind millan ki eh teri burriya” meaning “this is the once in a lifetime chance to meet the lord who dispels all darkness”, residential camps are held three times a year, to allow devotees to congregate and practice naam meditation. The three annual camps or samaagam’s are:

1st to 4th January

The anniversary of Sant Baba Harnam Singh ji’s departure is commemorated. The practice of meditation, recital of hymns and discourses from our holy scriptures is scheduled for the first three days. One the night of 3rd January, an all night recital and singing of hymns called a Rainsabai takes place. On the 4th January, a remembrance service takes place in which guest lecturers, prominent saints and Sikh personalities attend to pay homage to the great Saint Baba Harnam Singh ji.

The daily programme of these camps is given below:

Devotees begin their day by bathing and reciting daily prayers in their rooms, have light refreshments and then congregate in the mail hall at 4 am to enthrone Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The next hour is spent in practice of meditation (Naam Simran), followed by singing of the prayer Asa Di Vaar and finally listening to an explanation and discourse on the edit (Hukamnama) for that day as given by Guru Granth Shaib Ji. After 9am, the devotees disperse to have breakfast and rest for one hour.

At 10am, everyone reassembles to recite the prayer of Sukhmani sahib until 11am. The scriptures and writings of Bhai Gurdas Ji are then explained and translated for the congregation until 12pm. The devotees then disperse for lunch and are free to rest or recuperate until 3:30pm. Devotees can then have afternoon refreshments and then assemble in the main hall at 4pm for one hour of meditation (Naam Simran) practice. This is followed by the evening prayers of Sodar Rehraas, Kirtan and laying Guru Granth Sahib ji to rest at 9pm. Everyone then has their evening meal int he langar hall, after which, devotees retire to their respective rooms.

Apart from the above mentioned camps, every Gurpurab, Sangrand (first day of the lunar month) and in September there are smaller functions/events held, where spiritual devotees can listen to and partake in blissful communion with our true creator.

At these camps, children are encouraged and inspired to learn Gurbani. As such, competitions on recitation of Gurbani are held. To encourage learning of Sikh history, quiz competitions are held and children get prizes or scholarships for winning for good performance.